How To Have A More Productive Meeting With Your Divorce Lawyer


Going through a divorce is difficult, but having the right divorce lawyer can help the process go smoothly. However, even with the best attorney, you must also put in some effort to ensure your meetings are productive and efficient. Here are a few ways you can have more productive meetings with your divorce lawyer. 1. Quiet your mind beforehand. Divorce is a very emotional process. When you meet with a lawyer, reality can hit, and you may become tearful or sad.

21 November 2018

Three Risks Of Falsely Reporting A Crime To The Police


In areas that have high crime rates and low response times from the police, it can be frustrating to be a crime victim and feel as though the police aren't prioritizing your case. Some people in this situation might be tempted to exaggerate the nature of the crime that someone has committed against them. For example, instead of calling 911 to say that someone grabbed your purse and ran away, you might say that the person held a gun to your head and robbed you.

18 October 2018

How Much Money Might Be Coming Your Way With Social Security?


When you get hurt and are no longer able to continue working you might be able to get Social Security benefits. These monthly deposits are aimed at workers who've paid into the system for their entire working lives and now need to draw from that account. There are many misconceptions about how Social Security payments work, so read to learn how your monthly benefit payment is determined and how much you can expect.

15 August 2018

Not Putting A Ring On It: Who Owns That Ring?


When a relationship goes sour before the vows are spoken, the couple may already be entangled in enough marital-like issues to prompt legal action. While the act of suing someone for breach of promise is always an option using contract law, the real issue with an engagement break-up may be as close as your fiance's finger. Read on for a better understanding of engagement ring ownership disputes. State law dictates that the way the matter is viewed depends on your state, but there are really just three main ways to approach this issue:

1 May 2018

3 Keys For Moving Forward With Your Divorce


When you are dealing with a divorce, it can be a situation that might rock your world and turn it upside down. To make sure that you can get through your divorce in a way that helps protect your finances maintains your peace of mind and keeps the process straightforward and informative, you need the right information. You can get a start on this information by considering the following strategies and reaching out to some lawyers that can serve you.

15 April 2018

Preparing For Your Divorce? Three Things You'll Need To Do


Has your marriage gotten to the point where you are ready to ask for a divorce? It may be the only option for a marriage that cannot be reconciled. However, the process of getting a divorce can take a lot of time, which is why you want to be prepared by following these tips. Set Money Aside There may be some time where you are separated from your spouse and you will need money for your basic needs.

12 February 2018

How to Prove Adultery as a Ground for Divorce


It would be ideal to catch your spouse in the act if you want to use adultery as a divorce ground, but people have succeeded with less-than-ideal conditions. This is because there are other ways of proving adultery, and they include the following. Eye Witness's Account An eyewitness testimony is one of the best ways of proving that your partner cheated on you because it is direct evidence. Direct evidence is evidence that, in itself, is enough to prove an event without further evidence.

3 October 2017

Why You May Need A Family Attorney


There are many different types of attorneys whose services you may eventually need, even if you are never involved in a crime. One area of law that is popular among law-abiding citizens is family law. Here are a few reasons why you could need a family lawyer in the future. You get a divorce. If you are married and you or your spouse ever file for divorce, a family lawyer can help.

24 July 2017

6 Mistakes That Could Cause You A More Stressful Divorce


Divorce is inevitably a stressful and difficult thing to go through. However, you can manage the stress you experience as a result of your divorce by avoiding the following six mistakes: Talking about your divorce with friends or family members that may be biased While having a close friend or family member to talk to during your divorce is important, choose wisely. It's probably not a good idea to discuss your divorce with someone who you know is very close to your spouse and may take his or her side without really considering your perspective.

13 June 2017

Facing Probation: Learn What's Ahead


When facing the prospect of jail time for a criminal charge, the idea of probation can seem like a walk in the park. Don't make this mistake. Sure, you're avoiding confinement, but this may only be temporary if you aren't taking the requirements of probation seriously. Make sure you know what type of guidelines you could be up against. There Are Costs Involved In many instances, you are required to pay for the cost of your probation supervision.

3 June 2017