Why You May Need A Family Attorney


There are many different types of attorneys whose services you may eventually need, even if you are never involved in a crime. One area of law that is popular among law-abiding citizens is family law. Here are a few reasons why you could need a family lawyer in the future.

You get a divorce.

If you are married and you or your spouse ever file for divorce, a family lawyer can help. Divorce is governed by many different state laws and without an attorney, navigating the process can be tricky. Decisions have to be made concerning the allocation of assets. In addition, if you or your spouse decides to seek alimony, a court decision will need to be made concerning its approval, how much money will be allocated and the duration of the payments. To ensure that your divorce is settled fairly and your interests are protected, it is best to have the guidance and support of a family lawyer.

 You want to adopt a child.

 Adding a child to your family can be a major investment, both emotionally and financially. In many states, if the parents of the child who is being adopted are still living, they must approve the release of all of their parental rights. It's important to make certain that the adoption is handled legally and will stand up in court if it is ever contested. A family lawyer can make sure that all of the legal requirements of the adoption are met and all appropriate paperwork is completed properly and timely.

You want sole custody of your child.

Whether you are currently going through a divorce or have previously established joint custody of a child with your former spouse, any changes to your custody arrangements must be handled legally. Often, child custody issues can result in heated debates. It is best to have the process mediated through a good family attorney. If you are desiring custody because you fear for the safety of your child, you will likely want the custody changes to happen quickly and seamlessly.

You want to assume guardianship of a family member who is incapacitated.

Sometimes as a family member ages, he or she can develop conditions, such as Alzheimer's or a stroke that can alter the person's ability to make decisions. Guardianship can help ensure that the family member receives the assistance that he or she needs and that decisions concerning the person's welfare are made by someone who cares for them. A guardianship generally requires the help of a family lawyer and must be approved by a judge.

If you believe that you need the help of a family attorney, such as from Tasha Ricks Law Firm, schedule a consultation with a lawyer in your area.


24 July 2017

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