Two Tips to Ensure Minimum Contact with Your Ex After Divorce


Separating from a dangerous spouse is critical to your health and safety. Unfortunately, some people become even more problematic during and after the process and resort to stalking, harassment, and other bad behaviors to further victimize their exes. If you want to ensure you never see your ex again, here are two things to negotiate in your divorce. Opt for Lump Sum Payments Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you may be awarded spousal and/or child support to help you stay afloat after leaving your ex-spouse.

22 September 2020

When Addiction Is Part Of Your Divorce Situation


The issue of drug and alcohol abuse is one that touches many lives. Children, spouses, and other family members can suffer untold misery because of addiction problems. It's not too surprising that some couples are unable to hold their marriage together when addiction enters the relationship. When addiction is involved, the usual issues that plague the divorce process can be escalated and the process can become more complex and stressful for all.

4 June 2020