Two Tips to Ensure Minimum Contact with Your Ex After Divorce


Separating from a dangerous spouse is critical to your health and safety. Unfortunately, some people become even more problematic during and after the process and resort to stalking, harassment, and other bad behaviors to further victimize their exes. If you want to ensure you never see your ex again, here are two things to negotiate in your divorce.

Opt for Lump Sum Payments

Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you may be awarded spousal and/or child support to help you stay afloat after leaving your ex-spouse. The problem with this is abusive people will use these payments as an excuse to engage in unwanted contact or as leverage to control their victims.

To minimize the risk of this happening, opt for lump-sum payments whenever possible. Because you'll get all the money upfront, you don't have to worry about your ex using it to track you down or manipulate you. Additionally, receiving a big payout like that lets you take steps to distance yourself from the person, such as moving to another state.

It's important to note that courts don't like to order lump sum awards for child support because it may be unfair to the paying parent or children in the long term. For instance, material changes in the parent's income could result in higher payments for the kids. However, the judge would likely approve a request if you can demonstrate a dire need for it, such as showing your ex may harm you or your children if they maintain contact. An attorney can help you craft a request that increases the chances you'll get what you need from the court.

Take Cash Over Traceable Property

Divorce almost always includes a division of marital property, but you need to be careful about the type of property you take. If your goal is to ensure your ex is unable to locate you after the divorce, then you want to avoid taking things that can be traced. Instead, ask your ex to pay your share in cash. For instance, with the availability of some common auto services, it's possible to somewhat track the location of a vehicle using its VIN number. Instead of accepting the car itself, take the cash equivalent or another piece of property of equal value that doesn't leave a trail.

There are many other things you can do when settling your divorce to ensure you never have to see your ex again. Contact a divorce attorney for assistance with your separation.


22 September 2020

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