How to Prove Adultery as a Ground for Divorce


It would be ideal to catch your spouse in the act if you want to use adultery as a divorce ground, but people have succeeded with less-than-ideal conditions. This is because there are other ways of proving adultery, and they include the following. Eye Witness's Account An eyewitness testimony is one of the best ways of proving that your partner cheated on you because it is direct evidence. Direct evidence is evidence that, in itself, is enough to prove an event without further evidence.

3 October 2017

Why You May Need A Family Attorney


There are many different types of attorneys whose services you may eventually need, even if you are never involved in a crime. One area of law that is popular among law-abiding citizens is family law. Here are a few reasons why you could need a family lawyer in the future. You get a divorce. If you are married and you or your spouse ever file for divorce, a family lawyer can help.

24 July 2017

6 Mistakes That Could Cause You A More Stressful Divorce


Divorce is inevitably a stressful and difficult thing to go through. However, you can manage the stress you experience as a result of your divorce by avoiding the following six mistakes: Talking about your divorce with friends or family members that may be biased While having a close friend or family member to talk to during your divorce is important, choose wisely. It's probably not a good idea to discuss your divorce with someone who you know is very close to your spouse and may take his or her side without really considering your perspective.

13 June 2017

Facing Probation: Learn What's Ahead


When facing the prospect of jail time for a criminal charge, the idea of probation can seem like a walk in the park. Don't make this mistake. Sure, you're avoiding confinement, but this may only be temporary if you aren't taking the requirements of probation seriously. Make sure you know what type of guidelines you could be up against. There Are Costs Involved In many instances, you are required to pay for the cost of your probation supervision.

3 June 2017

Step Parent Who Wants To Adopt Your Child? 2 Misconceptions About Step Parent Adoption & The Surprising Facts


If your spouse already had a child when you got married, then you were likely happy to embrace your spouse's child into your life. Being a step parent can be a very rewarding experience. You have likely grown closer and closer to your step child since they entered your life, and you may now want to become their legal parent. However, you may have some misconceptions about step parent adoption law that are getting in the way of you finally performing the steps you need to take to become your step child's legal parent.

16 May 2017

3 Divorce Tips For Stay-At-Home Parents


Nobody wants to go through a divorce, no matter what their parental or employment status happens to be. But for a parent who has stayed out of the workforce to raise children, the prospect of divorce can be especially terrifying. Unlike your working spouse, you don't have an immediate way to support yourself. You may also have a more limited support network than a spouse that spends most of their days with other adults.

11 May 2017

How To Get An Annulment When Your Spouse Is Impotent


Finding out your spouse is impotent is one of the worse things for a new wife. If you wanted to have an intimate relationship, then this is a deal breaker. It also makes you wonder what else he is lying about and it may make you want to end the marriage. Couples are usually granted an annulment when some type of bigamy or fraud is involved. The amount of time you have to get one depends on your state.

4 May 2017

Protecting Your Kids From An Abusive Parent: What The Court Wants To See


When you head into divorce court, a child custody lawyer will be assigned to you and you will be required to pay his/her hourly fees. If you want to pursue full legal custody on the grounds of abuse, most child custody lawyers want proof. They cannot make a recommendation based solely on your word because, for all they know, you are making up stories about your ex being abusive. If you really want to protect your kids from an abusive parent, here is what the child custody lawyer and the court wants to see.

26 April 2017

Retirement Got You Looking At Divorce? 3 Steps To Help You Through The Process


When you got married, you thought it would be for life. Unfortunately, retirement came and you realized you both want different things. It's not uncommon. Many people don't realize that they're no longer compatible with their mates until after retirement age – when they must now spend the bulk of their days with them. If you're over 60 years old, and facing the prospect of divorce, here are three steps that will help you through the process.

11 April 2017

Three Common Misconceptions Concerning Divorce, Child Custody, And Child Support


Divorce is rarely pleasant for anyone, including both parties and especially any minor children involved. Unfortunately, a persistent belief in divorce misconceptions can make the process worse for all involved. That is is why it is important to understand the truth from a legal perspective and dispel misconceptions. The issues concerning custody and child support are particularly emotional, and there are a few especially pervasive myths concerning them. Below are three common, but false, beliefs concerning custody and child support.

20 March 2017