How To Save Money On A Family Divorce Lawyer


The average family lawyer charges up to $5000 to file a divorce for you and then another $300 - $500 an hour on top of the court fees and items you lose to your es. You need a lawyer, or you will pay more as a result of a negative judgment. When it comes to family and child custody, you can't take the risk. You don't need to spend more on your family lawyer than necessary, though. Learn more about how to save money on a family divorce lawyer.  

1. Get a Prenup Before You Get Married 

A prenup describes who will get what in the case of a divorce. A written and verified prenup will simplify things as there won't be much to debate since the document should spell everything out. A simplified divorce means your lawyer won't bill you for as many hours. It will be difficult and expensive for either side to fight an ironclad prenup. 

The following situations may void a prenup:

  • duress
  • failure to disclose all assets
  • bias
  • ambiguous writing

2. Get Multiple Detailed Quotes 

You should not hire the first family attorney you find. Get detailed quotes from numerous local family lawyers. Most lawyers charge hourly, but some will offer flat fees based on the services needed. You should also learn about the different fees each lawyer will charge. Choose the best attorney within your budget instead of opting for a budget lawyer. 

3. Stay Organized

You need documentation of the legal processes, and you need proof of any allegations you make against your spouse. By the end of the case, some litigants find papers and photos scattered throughout their homes, workplaces, and cars. Your lawyer needs these items in an organized fashion, or they will take longer to find items. Organize everything for your lawyer and make copies. Agree to one central place you and your lawyer can find the paperwork as you work together. 

4. Make the Most of Lawyer Sessions

During your lawyer sessions, skip the small talk. Provide your paperwork to the lawyer and then have your questions written in advance. You should also attempt to get as much done as possible in each session instead of coming back to handle each concern separately. Write down each task you need to do at the end of the session.

5. Avoid Trial 

When two parties can't come to an agreement, they will go to trial. Unfortunately, trials cost a lot of money ($11,300 for 1-2 disputes and $21,500 for 3+ disputes). Do your best to come to an agreement with your ex. 

Your divorce will cost you a substantial amount of money. These tips should help you save on your lawyer fees. Best of luck!

Reach out to a family lawyer to learn more.


13 December 2022

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