Medical Malpractice When You Are Injured After Treatment


When it comes to medical doctors, one of the first rules is to do no harm. While you may trust your treatment team, there may come a time when you are injured because of their negligent behavior. If you have had an operation and your outcome is not as expected, proving medical negligence may take some work. In any medical malpractice case, you have to first have injuries. Then you must be able to prove that your treatment provider acted outside of what is normal. For an obvious example, if a surgical tool is left behind during a routine surgery and causes damage to your body, this is clear malpractice. 

Understanding Your Treatment Outcomes

The reason your procedure is described to you in detail before you get an operation is for a number of reasons, but one is for medical liability. Procedures come with potential complications, and when you sign a document indicating that you understand the potential complications, your doctor won't be held liable if they occur. Even if your desired outcome is not reached, you don't have a medical negligence claim if your doctor warned you about the possible outcome and they performed their duties in a traditional manner.

When Your Treatment Provider Doesn't Listen

If you go to your doctor numerous times with the same complaint and your doctor ignores you, this sets up potential liability should something happen to you. For example, if you go to your doctor on numerous occasions and complain of heart palpitations, your doctor needs to take you seriously. If no testing is done and eventually you have a disabling heart attack, your treatment provider could be liable for your injuries.

If Your Injuries are Severe

If you receive medical care that went wrong and caused you serious, unexpected injuries, a consultation with a medical malpractice attorney at a firm like the Law Office of Anica Blazef-Horner is in order. You aren't going to pay for the consultation, and an attorney can look over your case carefully. If you are not able to work now or ever, you need to protect your financial future if possible. If you are now disabled because of medical treatment, an attorney can determine if the case meets the criteria for medical neglect.

You should expect that you are going to get better after receiving medical treatment. If your provider doesn't respond or acts outside of normal protocol, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. Don't assess your own case; let a medical malpractice attorney do that for you.


29 April 2019

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