How To Get An Annulment When Your Spouse Is Impotent


Finding out your spouse is impotent is one of the worse things for a new wife. If you wanted to have an intimate relationship, then this is a deal breaker. It also makes you wonder what else he is lying about and it may make you want to end the marriage.

Couples are usually granted an annulment when some type of bigamy or fraud is involved. The amount of time you have to get one depends on your state. For example, Colorado gives you up to a year to get an annulment when a spouse is impotent. If you are in this situation, then it is time to contact family law. Read on to find out how to get an annulment when your spouse is having problems with intimacy.

What Is Impotence?

Impotence is not the same as infertility. It is the physical inability to have sexual intercourse. It occurs when someone has problems performing the act of sexual intercourse.

Get Your Husband To Submit A Medical Examination

A medical examination is one of the ways to prove your husband's impotency. Ask your husband to have a medical examination. He may refuse to get this information. On the other hand, if you have power attorney, then you can request the records. Your judge can also request that your spouse take the examination, which is something he or she may do when a spouse refuse.

Get Psychological Testing

Some judges may recommend psychological testing. If your husband is having problems, then it may not be only a medical issue. It could be something going on psychologically. If medical and psychological tests prove that your spouse is unable to have sexual intercourse, then the judge will grant the annulment.

However, if there are no problems with impotency and your spouse is just refusing to have sex, then this circumstance is still grounds for the void of your marriage. The ability to procreate is a marital obligation. Constantly not fulfilling your sexual obligations can destroy the wholeness and integrity of the marriage.

If you are thinking about annulment, then it is time to talk to a family law attorney. Your attorney can tell you how to proceed with your case. He or she can help you gather the information you need to submit your case. Your lawyer can also make requests to the judge like for your spouse to get a medical examination. After an annulment is granted, it is the end of your marriage.


4 May 2017

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