5 Reasons Parents Should Seek Temporary Orders Until A Divorced Is Finalized


Divorce proceedings can be a messy time for families as changes come and everyone is uprooted from the typical routine. Instead of having chaotic changes among you and your children, you can start organizing now before the divorce is even finalized. By working with a divorce attorney, you have the ability to set up a temporary order agreement.

Through this agreement, everything can be arranged for both parties until permanent decisions are made through the divorce case. When you have children involved, there are five benefits to agreeing to a temporary order. Some of them may be an inconvenience to you, but it will help your children adjust and cope in the long run.

Children's Custody Schedule

A large part of a temporary order is an organized custody schedule that can be used for both parents. This schedule does not have to reflect the final custody agreement that you seek, it is only used to help manage the current situation. Seek a schedule that fits into work hours, fairness, and other situations like school.

As you formulate the schedule, it's important to be fair to both you and your spouse. There are often a lot of mixed emotions, but the children should be put first. If a temporary agreement cannot be reached through attorneys, then you can have an official hearing to get the temporary order placed.

Children's Activities

The months of a divorce proceeding is filled with a lot of stress and changes, so it's not uncommon for spouses to forget dates, appointments, and basic schedules. This is why it's a good idea to plan out the full schedule for any child activities. By bringing calendars for sports, dance, or other activities, parents can each assign themselves different dates for pick off, drop off, and attending.

Without this organization and agreement, you run the risk of miscommunication and leaving your child at an event. If this occurs, your child could be upset and it could have a huge impact on them. Keeping things as smooth as possible for the child is the best solution.

House Bills

Another big part of a temporary agreement is the bill separation. By assigning each spouse to specific bills, you can ensure everything stays running in your home. This also directly impacts the children. Not only can a divorce be confusing, but things can get more upsetting if a child suddenly loses comforts like cable, Internet, or electricity do to a spousal dispute.

In many cases, the temporary order will just put into words what your current situation was already like. If there is a dispute on the bills, an attorney can help sort things out and reach a peaceful mediation.

Family Home

Not only are the bills important, but the use of the home is a big decision to make. Whether you choose to sell the house or let your spouse keep it, the temporary order can set up the best situation for the current time being. Typically, the family home should stay with the person who has the most custody through the divorce proceedings. This will give the children a stable environment and some familiarity while going through changes.

Even if the home is being sold off, extending the stay through the divorce can help give your children extra time to cope with the major changes in their life.

Family Vehicles

The use of a family vehicle is also important for a temporary order. Depending on the custody agreement, the vehicles may need to get shared between spouses. This will help make it easier for children to get transported, and it can also give them a constant in their life if the same vehicle is being used.

As you seek these temporary orders, work with an attorney to answer any questions about the implementation of the orders and possible hearings needed to fight for your needs.


19 August 2015

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